Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Losing the plot

So it is now official: the British Government is back with the Tories.

Yes, I know the Prime Minister and his cohort declare themselves to be Labour and - to be frank - the rhetoric and tax & spend attitude is that of a true left-leaning bunch, but, let's face it, the Tories now have just to announce policies (not even pledge to implement them) that Labour scrambles to implement them without even a hint of embarassment.

It may well be that it is truly because they are marvellous and wondrous policies that appeal to the left as they do the right.

Me, being the cynic that I am (no, Mr Blair, being a cynic is not so bad and, in fact, beats being a liar anytime) I tend to believe that they do it because (a) they run around like headless chicken chasing the latest opinion poll and (b) because they are now so ideologically lost in space that they have to wait for someone else to come up with something, anything, they can copy.

What a sad state of affair...

Monday, October 08, 2007

The true mark of a bureacrat

I've always felt that Mr Brown would have been more at ease in some obscure office somewhere deep in the bowels of Public Sector-landia - and, indeed, how so much better would have been for Country and wallet!

And now he has finally revealed the true mark of the bureaucrat - that is, that innate, congenital, irrational fear of accountability: the dread of coming to terms with one's acts, assuming responsibilities for all the deeds (or, indeed, the mishaps) one has committed whilst in office.

Hence, no election - the English people has been denied the right to make its voice heard.

It occurs to me that England is that most strange of places, where an unelected official can climb to the chair of Prime Ministership without
ever having to stand to the English people's scrutiny: because, lest we forget, it is a bunch of few Scots, who, for want of better alternatives, one would assume, have chosen Mr Brown as their elected representative.

Those same Scots, lest we forget, who have kicked out Labour from their own Country's Government, whilst at the same time inflicting the tax & spend scourge upon us all.

What a joke - they must be laughing their socks off, North of the border!